Anonymous asked
what are your views on lil wayne?

Better on songs hes featured in than his own songs.

Looking back and listening to this album again for the 1000 time.

It sucks how many people only listened to the mainstream Drake. All they wanted was Marvins Room and The Motto. HYFR and Take Care got decent play, but thats 4 songs, 4 songs on a great album.

You’re all missing out on great songs like Shot For Me, Crew Love, The Real Her, Practice, and really just entire album. Everyone and their mother loved The Motto forever, and thats one of my least favorite songs compared to the rest of the album.

If you’ve never heard this album, because you just never listened, or because you hate Drake, or just because, I don’t know.

You should listen to the album in its entirety, you’re missing great music.

Well Eminem dominated Wayne in that one

which he should have.

Lets try something that might be a little closer.

Drake or Lil Wayne?

So much for bein optimistic

they say love is in the air so I hold my breath till my face turn purple.