Went to the NFL experience today.

It was so awesome, as soon as we walked in some girl my aunt knows walked up to us and gave us VIP passes. So every single line that was there, we walked right to the front of it. I met Dallas Clark, Pierre Garcon, Jacob Tamme, I kicked a 20 yard field goal. Saw the Village People in concert, watched people do the zipline, watched a guy shove a screwdriver up his nose. It was so much fun, will definitely be going back later this week. If the super bowl ever comes to your state, you have to go to the Super Bowl Village and check it out, its so much fun.

and to anyone from Indiana that reads this, if you get the chance you should definitely go downtown sometime this week, its alot of fun.

I’m gonna try to go Thursday night to see Darius Rucker, and I’m sure I’ll be there Friday night for LMFAO.